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Now Partnered with Pattison Auction!

Busybee Lettings and Sales are now able to offer auction services to our clients through our partnered auction house, Pattison Auction.

Auction is no longer the option for ‘desperate’ sellers! With the peace of mind of a reserve price (the minimum price a property can be sold for) it offers a secure method of sale for sellers who want to have a committed purchaser and a fixed time scale for exchange and completion.

Pattison have a dedicated auction department which works alongside partner agents and local branches to ensure that properties achieve the maximum exposure. They are auction experts with over twenty years of experience in both residential and commercial auction sales. They have developed the conditional auction to offer greater flexibility.

If you are looking to buy a property at auction you can do so by visiting our website. Once you’ve chosen the properties you want to bid on, you must register with the auction department. This can be done at the auction, over the phone or online. Once you’ve registered you’re ready to bid.

Before placing a bid we do advise you take the time to research and fully understand the properties that you are bidding on. The very nature of auction is a quick and secure sale, therefore there isn’t much time to second guess yourself once bidding commences. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the properties and any legal documents that are available, so you have all of the information you need to make a clear and informed decision about your prospective purchases.

Property Auction
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