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Free Eviction Service For Peace of Mind

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Busybee Lettings are now able to provide additional peace of mind to Landlords where we manage their property, by offering a FREE eviction service via The Lettings Hub.

It is available for the first 12 months of a tenancy when a tenant falls into rent arrears of at least 2 months rent but had passed their credit and reference checks.

Often one of a landlord’s biggest fears is having a tenant in their property who is not paying the rent and who has no intention of leaving. The costs can escalate quickly and the time it takes to remove them from the property can sometimes be many months.

With The Lettings Hub we believe that the checks carried out are thorough, however a reference check is seen as a snapshot in time and unfortunately an individual’s circumstances and priorities can change after this point in time whilst they are still living in the landlord’s property. In the current economic climate this is becoming an increasing worry.

We are confident that robust reference checks are carried out on the applicants before they move into the property and if they are recommend as a suitable tenant and then they do not pay the rent, with the exception of defended actions, we can use the FREE eviction service provided by The Lettings Hub to evict them.

Occasionally the eviction service may not be accessible on specific applicants, but we will advise you of this at the time. However if they do not pay the rent then they will not be covered under the eviction service.

What is covered If the tenant is in arrears with at least 2 months rent outstanding we will assist you to bring the tenancy ‘back on track’ by commencing legal proceedings to end the tenancy. Once a letter before action (LBA) has been issued to the tenant and any Section 8 or Section 21 notices that have been served expired, we will inform our referencing company that will use an appointed solicitor to:

● Prepare a claim for possession and particulars of the claim ● Apply for a court hearing date ● Commence possession proceedings in the county court ● Pay the court fee ● File the claim in advance of the hearing ● Appoint a legally qualified advocate for attendance at the first hearing ● Secure an order for possession (if applicable) ● Prepare and file a Warrant for Possession if the tenant remains in situ beyond the possession order (if applicable) ● Instruct a County Court Bailiff to conclude the possession procedure (if applicable)

What is not covered

● Any costs for activity beyond the first hearing (outside the possession procedure detailed above) including any costs that may arise from litigation or if the landlord has breached his obligations under the tenancy agreement. Any landlord wishing to pursue the claim further must either continue with our appointed solicitors on a direct basis, or appoint their own solicitor ● Any financial settlement or arrangement agreed between the tenant and you and/or the landlord without the prior consent of the appointed solicitor or us or any costs that arise from instructions given to a 3rd party not agreed by us. ● Tenancies where more than one month’s rent is paid in advance.

● Loss of rent payments - Insurance is obtainable to cover for this, please ask for more information.

A leaflet is available by clicking Here

If you would like more information then please either contact us on 01458 898008 or email

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